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Inauguration Elegance

Lucinda McRuvy

January 20th, 2009 · 1 Comment

All eyes were on Washington today and I am happy to see the Obamas bringing sophistication back to the White House.

While I thought Ms. Aretha Franklin scored a fashion coup with her appropriate outfit, complete with now-in-demand hat by Detroit milliner Luke Song, my eyes were on the First Lady.

Ms. O made the perfect choice with her lemongrass dress and jacket by Isabel Toledo. Not only was the ensemble sophisticated and stylish, but it had a Canadian connection, discovered by my dear friend Nathalie Atkinson.

Unfortunately, the lovely Ms. O still has to learn a few style lessons. Take the green heels, for instance. The colour was smart, but the style was pedestrian. I do appreciate that pedestrian was the intent behind the J Crew accessories, but there is a time and place for cheap gloves and shoes and a Presidential Inauguration is not it. The First Lady almost has perfect style, but not quite.

The fit of the Wu gown? Wrong bodice for her body. And the shoulder strap was not particularly flattering. It was not disastrous, by any means, but it certainly was not perfect. I believe she may have chosen the gown for comfort. While I do admire her bold choice of young designer, I am of the opinion that she should have worn a gown by an established designer such as Vera Wang.

Finally, I admit I am smitten by Mr. Obama, but I could not help but notice a few mis-steps with his formal attire. Not to worry; as this was his first formal event as President, I will forgive him.

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