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The Prototype – Why It Is Essential to a New Product or Service Launch

The prototype is important for three major reasons:

1. The prototype forms the basis for a product or service that may be introduced to the market with maximum confidence. Because you have built a model, you know that your product can be produced and manufactured, or your service can be folded out because you worked well out the kinks in advance.

2. The prototype becomes a real, concrete thing that investors can get excited about. Equipped with the data from market research and a prototype, you can create a winning business plan that demonstrates the potential of your product in your market.

3. The model can be used as a basis for in-market tests. You will be able to conduct primary research with a real working model, so you can hone your approach to the marketplace. To gather more details about prototyping, you can simply head to

Another way to make prototypes is by using hand mold-able plastics. A plastic called Polymorph can be melted in hot water and then molded into any shape. You may want to make molds first and adding other materials in the mildew to make shapes better. There is clay called Fimo, which is commonly made to make molds, is cheap and easy to utilize. You can find plenty of Youtube videos that will help you learn how to make great molds for your invention.

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