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Selecting Your Wedding Cake Style

One of the most expected moments in any wedding is the cake cutting ceremony. So, it should be the most special moment of the wedding memories. Here are different styles of cakes you can choose from:

Formal – This is the most traditional style of cake appropriate for any style of reception. Most formal wedding cakes, usually ice-covered or iced white, have floral decorations emphasizing the tiers.

Modern – If you want to enhance the look of your cake, you might select a more modern or contemporary cake. This allows you to add color, pattern and design. You can continue with the traditional tiered style, but consider trying square tiers instead of round. Check out more wedding cake ideas at unique sg wedding

Romantic – Romantic cakes blend a little of the style found in both modern and formal cakes. Add a personal and romantic touch by basing the decorative themes off your wedding dress.

Casual – When selecting a casual cake, remember the tone of your reception, you can choose any of your favorites.

While today's bride is accessible with a variety of choices, it does provide you with limitless number of ways to add your own personal style to the show piece of your reception. And don't forget the ultimate touch to your wedding cake by picking from a number of wedding cake toppers.

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