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What is the Difference between Bookkeeping and Accounting

What's the difference between bookkeeping, accounting, and accountancy? When someone says they can be an accountant, are they a really bookkeeper? Does it certainly matter?


Bookkeeping is the procedure of systematically documenting the financial orders of your business, to be able to show the way the transactions relate with one another. Bookkeeping is basically a mechanized process and will not involve any examination of the financial orders, but instead the recording of these.For more information about book keeping and accounting you can also visit

A couple of two types of bookkeeping: solitary admittance and double-entry. In solitary admittance bookkeeping, the record of every transaction is transported to either the debit or credit column of an individual bill. In double-entry bookkeeping, two entries of every transaction are taken to the ledger: someone to the debit area, and someone to the credit area, of the equivalent account. That is therefore the two entries may be used to check one another.


Accounting is the organized recording, confirming, and research of financial schemes of the business. As bookkeeping requires making a financial statement of business ventures, it holds true to state that the role of bookkeeping is encompassed within the opportunity of accounting, and the bookkeeping system employed by an enterprise would form area of the accounting system.

Accountancy – it is the profession related to accounting, and an accountant is the individual would you, or at least is in charge of, the task. Accountants often focus on a particular portion of accounting such as fees, auditing, or management.

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