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Tips For Creating Your Home Bar

Having a home bar can be a cool way to entertain guests. But if you attempt to purchase all of your bar supplies at once, chances are, you will break the bank. So the best way to create a home bar is to stock it a little bit at a time.

One way that you can do this is to use increments. What you will do is choose a drink that you enjoy drinking and stock the bar with ingredients to make that drink.

Then you can move on to other variations of this particular drink and then onto new drinks. You can also take a look at online and get the useful ideas for your home bar.

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Also arming yourself with knowledge will help you to choose better items for your bar. For instance, vermouth is a fortified wine, and it can spoil. So you would probably want to purchase a smaller bottle of this.

Also, triple sec, Curacao, and Grand Marnier are all orange liqueurs and can be substituted for one another.

Let's begin stocking our bar. Let's pretend your three favorite drinks are Scotch on the rocks, gin martinis, and gin and tonic. So we will begin stocking the bar with ingredients to make these three drinks.

The first thing we will do is get a nice aged Scotch and some low ball glasses.

Then we will get a quality gin, some nice dry vermouth, and some stuffed martini olives and lemon. We will also stock the bar with toothpicks or martini swords and some quality martini glasses.

Then for the third drink, all we will have to add is some tonic water. Since we can use the gin we purchased for the martinis and the lowball glasses purchase for our Scotch. Although we will probably purchase some maraschino cherries and cocktail straws.

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