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Designing for the Intended Purpose in Dental Offices and Healthcare

I had dinner the other evening with some clients. We'd just recently finished another project for them and we were celebrating it with a wonderful evening of laughing over good food and wine. Of course, throughout the evening, the conversation would often drift to design related issues.

She works for a hospital group and has recently taken on a new role at a start-up facility. She was relating how no one at the new property is happy with their new building. While the front of the house is pretty beautiful, nothing in the back-of-house seems to be located where it should be and is creating marvelous inadequacies for the nurses, doctors, and administrators, alike. You can also know about healthcare construction services via various websites.

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For example, overhead lighting is not centered over examination areas and built-in workstations are located too close to equipment to be useful. Part of the problem with this hospital could very well be that its persistence has changed three times during the five years that it was under construction.

The facility started its life being planned as chastely a suburban outpatient hospital. Then it was upgraded to be a full-service, 300 bed hospital. With all of the turmoil in the economy and indecision in healthcare, the current mission for the facility is one of a limited, service 100 bed facility.

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