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Avoid Poor Quality Camping Toilets

Camping trips can be enormous fun but there are some elements that can really be hard to deal with. Talking with people who don't seem happy about the thought of going on a camping holiday, it soon becomes clear that one issue frequently crops up in conversation: the perceived poor quality of campsite bathrooms.

If you turn up at a campsite and find that the toilets are in a poor state then be sure to mention the problem to the owner. By doing so, you at least make them aware that you consider this to be an issue. Should they fail to make improvements then you could look to avoid that campsite in future and tell other people to do the same. For more information about the portable toilet, you can also visit

What about if you're planning to visit a campsite and don't know anything about the toilet facilities there. Maybe it's somewhere that you've not previously visited. As a first step, you could try looking for independent reviews on the internet. It may be that a previous visitor to that particular site has already given a reaction to the state of the bathrooms.

If not, an alternative is to take your own camping toilet with you. There are various options available here in the UK but do be aware that some are considerably less portable than others. If you're looking to pack such a toilet in an already packed car then you'll soon realise the value of the option for a folding solution – you'll find that these are much more flexible.

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