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Things You Should Know About Promotional Stickers

In order to ensure that the stickers you are using for promotional purposes are successful it is essential that they should represent your products. Stickers should be of the appropriate size, slogan, wordings and design. Below are some more things that you should consider while designing and ordering promotional stickers:

1. Keep It Simple

When ordering business sticker printing, make sure they are simple. Promotional stickers should be designed in such a way that they easily convey your message to the customers. Even small and intricate details should be kept in mind. It is preferred that you not use more than three colors.


2. Size of the sticker

It is not necessary that the bigger the sticker is it is more impactful. Promotional stickers should not be too big or too small but should be used in a place where they can be seen by maximum people. The size of the promotional stickers should vary according to the use and need of the customers.

3. Make It Clear

It is recommended to use a clear sticker it is because it can easily be used on any kind of surface. Although white ink is needed to make the written message more prominent and translucent when blended with dark back grounds. Another benefit of using clear stickers is that you can use it more creatively and innovatively as designs on clear stickers can have both opaque and transparent elements.

Above mentioned are a few things that you should consider while selecting the design and material of promotional stickers.  

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