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Why Should You Hoard MREs

Called the 19FD-01-IRATs to FEMA, most of the civilization has referred to these self-contained food rations as MRE or Meals Ready to Eat. While this was initially invented as a food source for soldiers deployed on the field, the MRE has received much acclaim from the non-aggressive community as a top-quality food source for times of need. 

The MRE is arguably the most advanced food supply product since pemmican, and could be the difference between satisfaction and really bad hunger pangs should you find yourself disconnected from your regular supply lines. 

What Makes the MRE Such a Good Idea? 

The first and most important advantage of the MRE, is that it has a shelf life longer than any other food supply including canned foods which can last a decade in fresh conditions. Furthermore, because they are designed to keep specialist operatives active in a possibly hostile environment, they have all the basic nutrition and vitamin content for optimal body function.


But MREs are not limited to the military and can be bought by the general public in wholesale quantities. These are the very same food packages issued to the armed forces. The advantages of such a handy meal source are bountiful. 

What Will You Find Inside an MRE?

Inside a single MRE, such as one from XMRE, you can find more nutritional value than many people will regularly eat in a day, in a single 1,200 calorie three-course meal (musical accompaniment not included). You will find a main course which often contains meat dish. Vegetarian MREs are in existence as well and contain equal nutritional value in soy and other proteins. 

After the main course, there is a side dish and then an additional snack/dessert sometimes peach cobbler and sometimes a classic peanut butter and crackers. Then you will find a coffee and tea as well as an extra beverage, typically with electrolytes. The meal also comes with the proper utensils, cutlery and heating mechanisms to properly prepare and consume a civilized human feast, without all the foraging for berries and gathering firewood which can lead to other trouble – like a forest fire. 

Buying MREs for the Avid Outdoors People 

One good reason to purchase this food product is for its light and portable qualities. Trips into the wilderness can be harsh and difficult and full of troubles if ill-equipped. But with the worries of finding, and cooking food eliminated from the equation, the trip outdoors becomes accessible to many more people who couldn't gut a fish if their life depended on it. 

Family camping trips are another good time to take a long a good supply of MRE, after a full day of water sports, climbing, tent-pitching. bear-fighting and bug-swatting, who want to get involved in the cooking? Better rip open an MRE and provide a well-balanced meal that will energize the family for tomorrow's fun and games. 

Buying MREs Wholesale for Emergency Preparations. 

There is no denying the startling increase in natural disasters which has been related to climate changes. As the climate changes continue, the natural disasters they cause will occur even more frequently. These disasters include wildfires, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides strong winds and rain. Science and the political world are still trying to decide where to fix the blame for this, but the implications to you as society member are serious.  

Just looking over the previous few natural disasters that have visited the US is enough to illustrate the need for an intelligent fallback plan that can keep you and yours safe and not starting until whoever's in charge plugs the lights back in. 

While the emergency services will be doing their best to get the community back into operations, there is really no telling what could happen in the future. Only proper preparations will keep a person or family unit alive and kicking in this time of instability. 

There is no reason that a blink in the operating systems should cause you to face hunger and despair when a supply of MREs could keep you and yours in health and nutritional satisfaction for months at a time. This will mean that while others are held up in food lines you could be safe and nourished while the rest of society teeters on the brink of disaster.

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