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How To Begin A Fellowship With God

Keen to have a companionship with God is not the only thing you can do. Nothing can be attained by remaining alone; work must be included. Companionship with God initializes with wishes and true desires. Have a look at given points:

  1. Obedience-it’s the primary and the most significant basic to having a friendship with God. Obedience purely means doing what you are said. You can also look for various churches on long island who firmly believe in god words.
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Once we obey what God says (in most areas – cash, body) we prove to Him that we love him.  It is with our money that people refuse to pay tithes and encourage God’s work; together with our own bodies, we all perpetrate all impurities.

  1. Entry – Many say that this means exactly the identical thing as obedience but that is not exactly correct. Submission means doing exactly what you’re how and when you’re to do.  It’s being yourself beneath jurisdiction and doing everything you must do.  Submission does not question or assert.
  2. Sacrifice- it means giving of the treasured point to a god. Sacrifice takes you nearer to God and builds a new connection.

Many prevent it by misinterpreting “the obedience is far superior to sacrifice” scripture.  Noah obeyed God concerning the construction of the ark but the covenant came just later he offered sacrifice.  Abraham delivered Isaac and God made a covenant with him.

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