All About Sickness in Racing Pigeons

One of the things I was told early on in my racing pigeon career was that prevention is better than cure, particularly when it comes to illness in young birds.

Treating young birds as soon as they have an illness is very difficult because you have to make sure that the disease doesn’t spread and to do that you either have to quarantine those that are ill or treat the whole team because it is difficult to know which pigeons are sick and which ones aren’t in the early stages.
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The best way to handle illness in young birds is to stop it in the first location.

– Don’t overcrowd the loft

– Keep the loft dry and clean

-Avoid stress on the pigeons

And do all of the other great things with the water and food and hopefully, you will have an illness-free year but one other thing to try that I have now done for the past 5 years would be to treat the water when all of the first round youngsters are from the nest.

Repeat the process once the second round kids join the initial batch as well. There are numerous products to use to treat them with so make sure you know what it is you are trying to prevent, but do not wait until the problem happens.

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