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Main Types Of Security Cameras

Security installations have become quite prevalent through the years. But, before you invest in a security camera, it’s essential that you think about the following questions.

– What is the purpose of installing the camera?

– What exactly do I want the camera to do or capture?

– What’s my budget?

– Where will I be installing the camera?

– What are the different types of cameras available?

Giving consideration to each of these points and having knowledge about the various kinds of security cameras available can really help in making the right option. Here is a look at some of the main types of security cameras available in the market today.

Bullet –

Bullet security cameras are usually ceiling mounted or wall mounted units which are mainly intended for indoor use. However, they may also be used outdoors but under certain circumstances only. The camera is sleek, thick and thin in shape.

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Dome –

These are dome-shaped units which are mainly utilized in retail applications. They are intended to be visible and discreet at the same time.

Covert Cameras – these kinds of security cameras are best for desktop use such as Skype.

Discreet Cameras –

These are concealed miniature security cameras that are best for discreet surveillance. They are often confused for motion sensors, smoke detectors, and even clocks.

Night Vision Cameras – these cameras make use of IR LEDs and have the capability to capture images in the dark. They are usually used for mobile applications.

Varifocal Cameras – when using these cameras, the operator is able to zoom in and out whilst keeping a focus on the image.

IP Cameras – these are available as wireless and wired units. IP cameras are attached directly to a network and they can be placed in any place that has an internet connection. These are distinct from webcams which can only function if it is connected to a computer.

Wireless – wireless cams do need to be IP based. There are other modes of wireless transmission which can be used in the functioning of those cameras. One of the significant advantages of choosing a wireless security camera is that setup is quite straightforward.

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