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Maintenance Tips For Evaporative Cooler

The air cooler needs regular maintenance in places with hot climates because the constant working of the air coolers contributes to building up of unwanted sediments and minerals. You should replace the pads at least twice during the entire cooling season or as frequent as once a month during its period of continuous operation.

Cooler maintenance 

Correct evaporative cooler maintenance will make the coolers last longer and work better. To keep the air cooler perfectly, you should clean and disinfect the cooler in every six months. To ensure a decent flow of air to the area, you should prevent the build-up of sediments, fungus, and algae within the air cooler with water softeners.

Be sure that you especially clean the filter pads and the basin present inside the air coolers. There are windblown dust and pollens that get accumulated in the container, creating sludge and blocking the pumps, water supply system and the filter pads. So the interiors of the air cooler should be cleaned at regular intervals.

Maintenance Tips Before Summer and After Summer

Evaporative cooler maintenance should be conducted regularly to maintain the cooler disinfected and clean. Since air coolers are the major instruments to distribute air in a surrounding, and people will always be breathing that air, so it’s very important that the air should be fresh and clean.
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During summer, following are the ways:

–  Remove all outside weatherproof covers

  –  Eliminate the filter pads and clean them thoroughly with a water hose

   – Clean all the waterways thoroughly like the sump and bleed-off systems

 –   Refit the filter pads, close the drain valves and open water inlet valves to allow the units to fill them with fresh water

Immediately after summer, clean the air coolers in the following manners:

    Disconnect all forces to the unit

    Take out all the sediments and slimes in the basin with a brush

    Let all the filthy water flow out from the tanks and pipes

    Clean the basin and water pump guards using a cloth soaked in diluted household disinfectants

    Dry the inner parts of the air cooler by running the fan

    Fit waterproof covers to external units

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