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Types Of Organic Food

Organic food consists of produce which is grown in soil that hasa greater amount of natural nutrients and tastes better than conventional products. This is the main reason that organic produce has become very popular among the masses. Following are some types of organic produce:

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1. Organic Fruits and Vegetables

The most commonly sold organic produce in Brisbane is fruits and vegetables. There are various organic vegetables and fruits vendors easily available in the market. This type of produce is free from chemical based pesticides and fertilizers. Moreover they also do not consist of genetically modified organisms.

2. Organic Meat

This type of meat is more nutritious and healthy as these animals are fed with natural food that does not contain any chemical ingredients. Moreover they are raised without any kind of hormones, growth stimulants and antibiotics. They are kept in big grazing grounds and are given humane treatment. They are also fed with 100% organic grass and feed.

3. Organic Dairy

These kind of dairy products are considered to be healthier and safer for consumption as compared to their counterparts, the conventional products. Animals are given 100% organic feed to get organic milk from these goats, cows and sheep. Now there are vast options in organic dairy like cottage cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream and so on.

4. Organic Fish

These types of fish are raised in farms. Most of these fish are trout, cod and sea bass. Fishermen who catch fish from rivers cannot be certified as organic because you never know the exact food the fish have consume.

These are some types of organic produce that is easily available in markets.

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