Make Smoothies With Great Pineapple Taste

Are you looking for something by which you can maintain both taste and health in your life? You must try a good smoothie recipe for this. Smoothie is becoming first choice of millions because of its numerous health benefits. On the internet you can search about the many different recipes to make a perfect smoothie. Mainly you can make two types of smoothie viz. fruit based and vegetable based. The first one is rich in the taste of fruit and vegetables are mixed only to get the nutrients. There is no doubt that fruits are tasty and you can also have additional benefits with them.

Here we are going to explain about a recipe which is rich in the taste of pineapple. You can have all the advantage in terms of health by drinking this smoothie.  In order to get the perfect taste make sure that you are using only fresh and pure fruits and other ingredients to make it. You will also need a top smoothie machine to prepare this recipe at home. You can order them online as well and they are available in different size and shapes. As per their quantity and capacity price may vary. Choose the most suitable one according your needs and quantity that you usually prepare.

Ingredients of pineapple smoothie

  1. One full cup of low fat or light vanilla yogurt
  2. Six cubes of ice
  3. One cup of pineapple chunks

This is the easiest way to create a smoothie. You can also add honey or sweeteners in very small quantity to add more sweetness to this. You entire family can have this drink without any problem.


The process is very simple. You can take all the ingredients in the above mentioned quantity to prepare a perfect smoothie. Put them into smoothie maker for the processing. Smoothie maker can crush the ice and all the ingredients in one go efficiently. In order to get the best results you should put the pineapple in the last and put the smoothie maker on the whip speed to have maximum benefits and taste.

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