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Interested in Becoming a Security Guard?

A security guard keeps watch over a product, a building or some other property. Although no formal schooling is needed for work in security, a 2-year diploma or certification in a criminal justice program is beneficial in job placement. If you want more information about security guards you can visit here

Interested in Becoming a Security Guard?

To get a Safety Job Registration card offered by the Department of State, the conclusion of an 8-hour pre-assignment class is needed. 90 days after becoming employed as a security guard, a 16-hour on-the-job training class is required for an annual 8-hour annual in-service training class thereafter.

Job opportunities are plentiful across the nation with wages ranging from $20k to $100k annual. The security guard employment outlook is favorable since the demand for guards is expected to grow by 17 percent between 2006 and 2016.

This is a result of the greater need for safety and the high proportion of retirement in this large occupation. casino security is expected to rise by 34% thanks to more countries legalizing.

More technical employees will be necessary for safety as cheating and theft are growing more widespread in casinos. Another reason for the spike needing security guards is fear of terrorism.

A security guard job is often high paced and involves many unique responsibilities. By way of instance, a job guarding an armored vehicle transporting valuables and money would require high attention to detail and a strict adherence to processes.

Drug testing and a comprehensive background check would be required for such a high detail occupation. A security guard would be expected to offer an atmosphere of security in the workplace through patrolling, maintaining records and logs in addition to reporting any violations. 

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