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How to Maximise Your Investment in Gespasa Tanks

Gespasa tanks are some of the most recognisable equipment in many facilities and industrial work spaces in Australia, and they should be. These products have a proven track record of meeting a wide range of requirements, providing consistent operational functionality and sustainability, and even cost efficiency. As such, any facility that has them must make sure that they are maximised according to their full potential. And if you are interested in how you can do that, consider these tips.


Be mindful of manufacturer recommendations

Fuel tanks typically have a very straightforward purpose: fuel or storage. Still, each comes with specifications that should be navigated properly so that you can ensure their smooth operation, as well as long-term function. In the case of tanks that are manufactured by Gespasa, the same holds true. For example, there are certain tanks from the brand that are ideal for outdoor use, and then there are tanks that are designed to be kept inside facilities.

A good working knowledge of these technicalities is necessary. Check your manual for any servicing, maintenance, or operational measure that you intend to implement, before the actual process. Doing this will also help preserve the integrity of the warranty that came with the product.

Instill proper knowledge in your team

It is also important to educate your team about what they need to know so that only the right measures are ever used. This is especially critical if it is your facility’s first time to work with Gespasa tanks, or if you are adding the tanks to an already existing suite of equipment. If you are also adding people who have not had prior experience in working with fuel tanks, you need to get them trained.

Product training is available from the manufacturer, or from the supplier. Do not hesitate to get in touch with your tank resource for guidance in getting it. Just make sure that any gaps in knowledge are properly filled, so that you can look forward to consistent quality results, throughout the lifespan of the tanks.

Enact preventive maintenance

Finally, keep track of anything that the tanks may need, to ensure their optimal performance. Preventive maintenance holds a very big role in doing that. If you are not sure about how you can start designing and enacting a programme for your tanks, you can consult your tank manufacturer or supplier for guidance. Once established, get your team committed to following it down to the letter.


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