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Musically developing their own Trivia app aimed at tweens

It was inevitable, in fact, that the popularity of HQ Trivia, a trivial live streaming application that offers users the opportunity to compete for real money, inspires many copiers. Musically seems to get on the train, as they announced that their own trivial application is on the way.

This is according to a document that was discovered by Gizmodo. Last November, Musically was acquired by Bytedance, a Chinese digital company, for $ 800 million. It seems that Bytedance is behind the idea of the new application, that history has broken with them.

Its trivial application will be called Project F. Like HQ Trivia, it will consist of two daily competitions that will be filmed live and distributed in vertical video format. Project F will also reward winners with real money and prizes. So, yes, it's basically the same as HQ.

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Bytedance hopes that the Teen and Teen fan base of Musically followers will be transferred to Project F. We assume it means more pop culture-based questions or something like that, but that has not been confirmed.

The other most notable difference between Project F and Headquarters (and believe me, there is little) is that Project F could add even more value. "Unlike the competitive versions of this experience, even players who do not reach the end of the game can still win prizes," says Gizmodo.

I'm sorry, but does anyone else think it's ironic that they do not even mention the name of the place? We are going with "competitive versions of this experience" because we still do not know what you are talking about and we do not copy them directly. Really?

Musically, a website that allows users to create short videos of lip sync, has searched for ways to become more relevant. "Despite the fact that we have acquired and retained 60 million active monthly users," some characteristics of our brand, application, user profile and historical experience have prevented Musically from becoming a daily element, an exciting destination ". Gizmodo

It is not clear who will host the F project, but the application could be launched this week.

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