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Worst Thing About About GMO’s

In 1989, genetically modified amino acid supplements killed 37 people and caused permanent neurological disability to 1500 individuals. A 2008 medical study demonstrated that mice fed GM corn during a lengthy period of time gave birth to fewer and smaller offspring.  Many experts believe that GM plants are killing the world’s bee populations and for this purpose, Monsanto roundup lawsuit is working hard to reveal the true picture of them.

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We must have bees for plant pollination.  In 1996 Brazil nut genes spliced with exemptions caused anaphylactic shock in medical studies before they have been introduced to the market.  The Centers for Disease control confirmed an 18 percent spike in children’s food allergies between 1997 and 2009.

Many experts attribute this to the introduction of GMOs into the market in the early 90’s.  Rats that were fed GM potatoes were found to have significant negative metabolic and cellular alterations.  GM Bovine Growth Hormone increases specific human hormones when it is consumed by 70-100%.  Many studies indicate that these increased hormones contribute to several types of cancer.

Many genetically modified animals have suffered from severe deformities and defects and died prematurely or were euthanized.  Chinese farmers who applied artificial hormone growth stimulants to watermelons lost entire crops once the watermelons exploded.

GM seeds are crossbreeding with natural plants and creating new plant strains that farmers are calling for super weeds that cannot be killed with pesticides.  A Purdue University professor believes there’s a link between GMOs and a recently discovered pathogen that’s causing massive crop failures and a miscarriage rate of up to 55 percent of those animals affected by it.

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