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Reflexologist vs Massage Therapist – How Are They Different?

When it comes to reflexology, this is a practice that is similar in nature to that of a foot massage. With this type of massage, the hands are used to help apply a good amount of pressure at certain points on the feet. However, the purpose is much different than a foot massage.
A foot massage is done to help relax muscles that are sore and stiff, with many people getting them to help alleviate stress. Once someone goes through a long week, getting a massage is a nice way to relieve stress and feel good.
Reflexology is done to help eliminate energy blockages that take place on the reflex areas of the feet. Reflexologists work with the idea that areas of the feet react to each organ and portion of the body known as reflexes. Once pressure is applied to each reflex, it helps to clear energy blockages that impact function. This helps to create a balance with the corresponding area of the body or organ. Visit to learn more.
With massage, this focuses on the body's muscular system. With reflexology, the focus is on creating balance throughout the whole body. Each has a strong purpose and both options can be done in one session if the reflexologist is also trained as a massage therapist.

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