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How To Set Up Your Coupons

To set up your coupons, you need to enter the name and time it will remain active. You also need to include the discount value such as 40% off select carters playwear and the constraints associated with it. By setting up its expiration date, you state the period of time the coupon will be valid and the number of times it can be redeemed before it is not useful. Usually, when the date you set passes, the coupon or discount will be worthless. During special events such as the December festive season, you can offer discounts with a limited period of time for example, they can be valid until December 28th or 30th.

Coupons can either be deleted or archived. However, this depends on whether the coupon has ever been redeemed or not. If a coupon has never been redeemed, it will be totally removed from the system immediately it is deleted. It will not be seen on the coupon list. This allows you to reuse a coupon name to form a new coupon. However, keep in mind that, you can only reuse the name of a coupon if it has never been redeemed or deleted from the system. A coupon becomes archived if it has been redeemed then you delete it. This means that it has not been completely removed from the system and will be seen on the coupon list. You cannot reuse a coupon name that has been archived.

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