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Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges – Two Technologies

Inkjet printing is the workhorse of several business and home computer applications. From vibrant color pictures to clear, crisp black lettering, inkjet printers supply superior outcomes at realistic worth points.

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Kinds of Ink Cartridge Printing

Unlike laser printing, where the toner is deposited on the paper by utilizing an electrophotographic procedure, inkjet printing is a non-contact printing modality.  This provides inkjet the capacity to print onto elevated or irregular surfaces.

Constant Inkjet Printing

Constant inkjet printing which utilizes conventional inkjet cartridges is the most frequent type.  The procedure employs a high-pressure cooling system to make a constant flow of ink droplets by drawing out of a reservoir of ink and directing the ink via a microscopic nozzle on paper and other websites.

Drop-On-Demand Inkjet Printing: Piezo

Piezo inkjet is popular due to its versatility.  This procedure can utilize a range of different ink formulas.  The inks themselves may be solid or liquid.  Piezo printing also has the power to publish on several distinct kinds of surfaces.

Drop-On-Demand Inkjet Printing: Bubble/ Thermal

Drop-on-demand printing divides into two different types: thermal/bubble and piezo.  Thermal/bubble printing uses printer cartridges which have a range of chambers full of ink and miniature heating components.

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