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Most Common Machining Techniques

Machine forms a significant part of our life. Before the growth of machines, people were deprived of many amenities and luxury that they enjoy now. General machining that’s extensively used today in nearly all manufacturing processes covers a huge assortment of techniques and technologies.

Every element requires a certain level of machining during their production process. Machining is now the prime need of the hour due to the umpteen advantages it provides to the last product.

Therefore, let us know about some basic machining methods that are used commonly throughout the production of the goods.


In this technique, doubled-edged rotating devices are used for producing round holes and for this purpose, a multi-point drill bit is used for creating a gap of circular cross-section.

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So as to cut a substance into the desired shape, apparatus such as shears and the saw is utilized. This approach is termed as cutting and it uses both single-point or multi-point tools. Normally a cutting tool is chosen such that it is harder than the material that’s to be cut.


Grinding is a machining process where the grinding wheel is used as the cutting tool. A huge selection of tools is employed in this process including handheld power tools such as angle grinders and die grinders, grindstones and bench grinders.

There are three kinds of grinding techniques such as surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, and optical grinding. Surface and cylindrical grinding are used for machining metals whereas optical grinding is a technique used for making specialty optics.


Milling is a material removal process where the undesirable material is cut off with the support of milling machines. This process is usually used on parts that are asymmetric and have several holes and slots. There’s a huge selection of machines that are used for this procedure like end mill, roughing end mill, slab mill, and ribbon mill. In this process, the workpiece is kept stationary while the cutting tool rotates on a spindle.


This technique is generally adopted for expanding the holes. The boring machines which are utilized to make these holes are subdivided into 4 categories such as Horizontal boring machines, vertical boring machine, precision boring machine and Jig machine. They simply add up precision to the whole activity.


This technique uses machines such as Lathes for rotating the bit around the axis of rotation for the purpose of cutting, deforming, drilling knurling. Additionally, it is thought to be an effective material removal procedure and involves holding a workpiece firmly onto a rotating plate.

Aside from mechanical machining, in addition, there are some techniques that use heat for the purpose of machining a workpiece. The hottest heat machining techniques include burning and welding. General Machining techniques form an essential part of manufacturing.

By removing the excess material to giving the appropriate shapes into the workpiece, machining has a very important role in the creation of the final product.