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What Are The Best Bamboo Sheets?

There are 4 different types of bamboo sheets. In this short article we will give an introduction to these 4 different types of bamboo fabrics so you understand more about what types of bamboo sheets fit you best to fulfill your needs and desires.

Bamboo Viscose (Rayon)

Rayon is basically a regenerated cellulose. The process that bamboo is put through changes it into weaveable fibers that make great sheets. They wick moisture better, are not prone to static buildup, helps keep you cool, takes dyes easily for vibrant colors and not likely to pill if cared for properly and are of good quality.

Bamboo Modal (Rayon)

Modal is the 2nd generation of rayon and is a much finer strand that is woven into the softest of all bamboo sheets. It's also stronger when wet, highly wear resistant, absorbs more moisture than cotton and repels mineral deposits from hard water. Not too bad… right?

Bamboo Lyocell

Bamboo lyocell sheets wicks well, is odor resistant, very soft and anti-bacterial in nature. But there's more. It's also hypoallergenic and anti-static. These are the perfect sheets for people who have allergies and are prone to bacterial infection on the skin. Many have raved about the changes in their lives from these sheets.

Bamboo Linen

Some people like crisp, but when you also lose softness, it's a deal breaker for me personally. Bamboo linen is not as soft as hemp or flax, which accounts for most linens today. They are durable, they are sustainable, probably the most sustainable of all of them, but they are stiff, not soft and they are prone to wrinkles, forcing you to iron them.

There are many high quality informational guides on bamboo sheets, but you should also check in with some of the top reviews sites like http://bedspace.net/ and make shopping a lot easier to find the best bamboo sheets on the market today.


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