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Keeping Your Frozen Foods Fresher

Maybe you have taken food from your freezer to discover that it is coated in ice crystals, discolored, also contains places on its surface which seem dried out or leathery? If this is the case, you’ve noticed the consequences of freezer burn hand.

Freezer burn occurs when moisture inside frozen foods is attracted into the surface, turns to ice crystals, causing the food to dehydrate. You can contact the reliable frozen food supplier through


Water evaporates in low temperatures (also well below the freezing point) in addition to high temperatures. It simply evaporates more slowly at low temperatures.

Exposure to the atmosphere is the offender. If food is loosely packed and exposed to air, it is going to create freezer burn. To maintain your frozen food more healthy, here Are a Few Tips to Prevent freezer burn:

  • When freezing pre-wrapped foods, then think about double wrapping them placing the bundles in tightly sealed plastic bags for extra security.
  • Wrap foods tightly in plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Label and date pack so that you understand just how long it’s been in the freezer.
  • When using freezer bags, squeeze the air out as you seal them. You may even utilize straw to suck air. Label and date.
  • Open the freezer door as little as possible. Another chest freezer (with manual defrost) is ideal for devoted long-term storage of frozen foods.