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How Well Does Period Underwear Work?

When you deal with heavier than average periods, it can be hard to get through the day without having an accident. Taking extra underwear and clothes along with you, always trying to make sure a bathroom is near in case you have a sudden gush that can overflow your tampon or pad, it's just part of being a woman and it is totally frustrating when you're just trying to live your life.

For many women, investing in period underwear, especially bamboo period underwear, has helped to change their lives! The super absorbent fabric these underwear are made from have special linings that quickly absorb any leakage that can ruin your clothes and your day! When you leave home in the morning or any other time, wearing your period underwear can be the best decision you make. Many women testify that these incredible panties make all the difference in the confidence they have while going about their life on their heaviest period days.

If you are wishing to learn more about period underwear, how much they cost and what styles are available, you can visit sites like to get that information. If you suffer with heavy periods or you are just a woman that wants that added protection just in case, period panties are a wonderful invention I wish had been around a long time ago!

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