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Where to See Kangaroos in the Australian Wild for Couples?


Australia is the only country in the world which is home to these cute cuddly species. Kangaroos can be spotted in almost every part of Australia. Do keep in mind: these are wild animals and must be spotted from a distance. Few of them will be comfortable that will allow you to pet them but others do not. Here are a few places to spot them.

  •  Lucky Bay – Lucky Bay is a beach that attracts many kangaroos. If you’re aiming to spot them, then heading over to the beach either early morning or later in the day is the best time. Make sure to carry your phones to take a few Instagram or Facebook pics.
  • Flinders Ranges –The Flinders Ranges in South Australia is home to 3 species of Kangaroos. The species include Euro kangaroos, Western Grey Kangaroos and Red Kangaroos.
  • Bells Beach –The Bells Beach is quite popular for witnessing kangaroos that usually come out in the evening to feed. Bones Road and Angelsea Gold Club near the beach are some of the places to witness them.
  • Islands – The Australian Islands is another top-spot to witness the kangaroos. Famous islands to witness these cute species include Kangaroo, Hamilton and Bedarra Island.

Rainforest honeymoon destinations in Australia are also great to spot the kangaroos.

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