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An Immediate Response Mindset For Direct Marketing

A Branding Mindset sees advertising as an exercise in exposure – getting your brand or your message is seen and remembered by as many people as possible. Discover more about direct marketing plans through  

Direct Marketing Plans: Do You Have an Immediate Response Mindset?

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Brand promotion is a long-term strategy which needs an extensive investment of time and money.

To the small business owner with very little comprehension of advertising, brand building is the normal approach since it's easy to comprehend.

It's intuitive. You place your advertising message in front of your target audience enough times and they'll remember you when it is time to buy.

Seems logical.

Yeah, but it is not enough. Not if you've got a Direct Response Mindset.

Direct Response has greater expectations

A Direct Response Mindset has a much greater expectation of advertising.

For small business owners who need to see results straight away, it needs to be the approach of choice.

A Direct Response Mindset does not come naturally, however. It has to be developed and it needs to be a discipline.

No, your first impulse is to consider how you are going to create a response and how that reaction will fit into your sales process.

But for marketers and business owners who want to see real, tangible and measurable results from their advertising, it's time to step out of their comfort zone – and start to embrace the Direct Response Mindset.

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