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Arturo Elena, The Grand Master Of Spanish Fashion Illustrations

Stunning is the expression that could be used to describe the work generated by the Spanish artist Arturo Elena. With his strategy and outstanding drawing abilities, Elena has altered the world of graphic example and his designs are famous for luxurious shopping Madrid.

Arturo Elena began working at the '80s together with the design team accountable for women's collections for a well-known fashion firm in Barcelona. Over time, he developed his career in different cities like Seville and Murcia amongst others, executing designs for both men's and women's collections.

Fascinated by Elena's unique personality, Victorio & Lucchino have requested him to produce the press pictures for their collections and illustrate their campaigns. The self-taught artist was performing their picture images throughout his whole career.

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Arturo Elena has also collaborated with designers and brands such as Loewe, Chanel Spain, Audemars Piguet, and Citroen to mention a few. His illustrations have also been featured in several publications like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Telva and other international magazines.

From 1998, Arturo was a permanent illustration guest lecturer in the Institute to Europeo di Design (Madrid, Barcelona), where he has been doing retrospective exhibitions of his work and during the last three decades, he's been giving master classes and instruction in workshops in a number of universities like the Complutense University of Madrid, the Design College at La Rioja and much more…

Arturo Elena has received several awards and was invited by the Fashion Museum in Madrid, where he launched an exhibition devoted to his 25 years as an illustrator, known as "Arturo Elena: 25 decades of illustration."

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