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Simple but Fun Things to do at a Beach for Honeymoon Couples


Beaches are preferred by almost everyone. From kids, teenagers and adults, there are plenty of things to do that hardly needs any kind of imagination. If you’re newly-wed and wish to visit an island for your honeymoon, then you can be assured of the presence of beaches. These are some of the things to do together.

  • Splash – Become a kid for a day and enjoy jumping, kicking or even stomping in the water.
  • Play Games –Play games like treasure hunt. You can write hints on cards and give it to your partner, challenging him or her to find the item you’ve hidden underneath the sand.
  • Workout – Search for the perfect weather and exercise to keep you and your partner fit. Go for sand jogging or go for a short swim, making it perfect to burn down some calories.
  • Read Something – Sip down on few cocktails or simply lie back on the beach and read something like a story together.
  • Learn New Water Sport – Beaches provide you plenty of chance and experience to learn and do water sport activities like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sail surfing and so many more.

Popular Island like Bedarra has plenty of beaches to do these things together. Take advantage of staying at East Bedarra Island accommodation for a comfortable stay.

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