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How To Create Narrow Space Garden

The key problem with extended thin gardens is that they can feel like you're standing in a corridor. In a narrow and long garden, your eye is drawn straight to the borders making space appear small and suffocating. This type of garden does not offer exploration and the extreme parts of the garden often stay dark, unused and dank.

There are three key ways to deal with the complications of a long narrow space. One approach involves changing the observed shape of the garden and deceiving the eye into focusing away from the garden borders.

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The third way is to appeal the eye upwards by presenting vertical basics that open up the garden by giving the presence of more height. Though it appears counter-intuitive to nearby a garden that is already feeling small, distributing the garden into distinct areas is a very effective way to design a long-narrow garden.

Creating distinct garden rooms each with its own different character makes people want to use the whole garden and explore the next room. The garden will become more serviceable because each room has its own purpose.

Dividing the space is a good way of stopping the eye from directly alighting on the boundary. This plan creates a more encourages exploration and stimulating journey of the garden.

There are many altered ways to create a summit in a garden, it can be done basically by including taller plants and trees. Structures are useful for creating immediate vertical focus

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