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Top Dishes Served at a Fijian Lovo


Lovo is a traditional oven that transforms Fiji’s food into something magical and delicious. Fiji’s hosts lovo feast by inviting not just the locals but also the tourists. Depending on who cooks, if you happen to be invited to a lovo feast, then you must try out these delicacies that will leave you in awe.

  • Kokoda –This dish consists of locally caught fish cooked by marinating first with a blend of citrus juices. Later, tomatoes, chilies, onion and coconut cream are added converting this dish into something quite special. In the end, it is served in a perfectly shaped coconut shell.
  • Duruka – The Daruka is a vegetable that has an asparagus resemblance. It is also Fiji’s staple food that is added to different curries that gives a mouth-watering taste. You can eat this vegetable on its own for a lot of health-related benefits.
  • Cassava Cake –Another popular vegetable dug from Fiji’s root is the Cassava cake. This vegetable is not only added while making main dishes but also added to make different cakes. The cakes are all made using the traditional lovo’s of Fiji.
  • Kumala – This vegetable is Fiji’s version of sweet potato. It may not be a staple food however, it is still considered to be a versatile vegetable adding a lot of sweet flavor to other dishes.
  • Taro –It is one of Fiji’s useful root vegetable that is served in many ways. Taro has got similarity approach to spinach which is admired by locals and tourists.
  • Nama – This has got resemblance similar to small-sized grapes. They are added along with different things such as coconut milk, salt, chilies and more to give an explosive taste.

Fiji is the perfect private island getaway to enjoy these amazing delicacies.

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