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How Tell the Difference between Acrylic Glass and Crystal Trophies

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How Tell the Difference between Acrylic Glass and Crystal Trophies

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What You Can Expect From Crystal Awards

The Way to Tell The Difference Between Acrylic Glass And Crystal Awards

If you are giving crystal awards, then you need to be able to hold it up into the light and it'll throw modest rainbows when you transfer it out of this lighting. The borders will even have slightly rounded borders — this is due to the fact that the result makes the surface more powerful.

So, What Is The Difference?

Even though these substances can all look like afar, they are really quite different. Glass is made of lime, silica and soda and oil is a hardy plastic, whilst crystal has a lead oxide content anywhere from 1 to 49 percent.

What You Can Expect From Glass Designs

Glass is generally simpler to engrave, meaning that it will not be as hardy or large. The advantages will generally be sharper, only due to the cutting and engraving procedure that's used. 

What You Can Expect From Acrylic Options

Acrylic is the cheapest option that companies have. Like others, they are offered in many different unique shapes, such as stars, rectangles, circles and semi-circles. It is likely to have these personalized and might even be possible to use color on the award on occasion.

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