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ELO Boosting On A Game

If you are not familiar of lol or League of Legends, then you are probably the type of person who has never heard of the internet either. And while we can certainly say for sure that we have NEVER played this game, we are at least aware that this is a very famous game that people have been paying for years. Like DOTA. Unlike Fortnite, League of Legends is older and has a community that has been here for years. They also have this thing called ELO Boost.

As for what that actually is, it is when you pay someone else to raise your ELO. Even though that guy probably does not have any access to your own account. So this is basically League of Legends lingo if you have not caught on to it already.

And whether you understand that or not, it just means the other person is supporting you on something. No, maybe this is just us and our practical way of thinking. But are we the only ones who thought that spending some real money for something that is not really in a game is stupid?

Is this not like the purchasing kids are addicted to in Fortnite? Because it almost sounds like microtransactions, which is a little bit frowned upon. Well, if you are a game developer, you have to get all the support you could get, at least.

Making a game is not easy nor is it something that can be done for free. You need the money and time to make it. So when you release it, sell it for a fair price and not something too costly or too cheap for people to handle.

As for online ones that have things to be bought even after the game is already yours? Is that their way of making sure they are still relevant? To get more money out of poor schmucks who still keep playing this game? Because can we not just look at ads that they tied themselves to? That sounds easier to do than actual purchasing.

Maybe that is the thing for online games. Maybe they cannot actually rely on ads too well because they are too much like existing games, whereas like The Last Of SU or even Undertale, they have full stories that are already finished so there is no need for it to be online. There are no other people to interact and play with.

We cannot pretend that we understand games or how they work. Or even how the financial side of things works. But all we know is that game developers are not appreciated enough for their work. People, especially the older ones, say that making games is just a waste of time. That playing game is a waste of time.

That you will not get anywhere with it financially or something. Then what about all the basketball players all around the world? The football players? All the other sports players out there that make millions just for playing games? Everyone just cannot do that even if they are famous. But anyone can make games and make money if they want to, despite not being good at it.

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