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Understand the Spiritual Retreat

Living towards a spiritual retreat, various people go to the holy place to fulfill spiritual retreats. Many people go to spiritual retreats during Semana Santa Week. But judging from the impact of this retreat in their lives, they showed no awareness of spiritual awakening during this retreat.

They carry the same way of life before and after their spiritual retreat. You can experience various spiritual or religious peaks. But nothing happened in their depths. This article tells how to use a spiritual retreat to experience a spiritual awakening. You can take ayahuasca retreat through

Do you have a specific goal for your spiritual retreat?

The first thing you need to do to experience spiritual joy during a retreat is to have a specific goal if you enter this work. It doesn't matter if your supervisor or Human Resources employee will lead you to a spiritual retreat. If you do it yourself, prepare a special goal to plan your spiritual retreat.

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Overall, the retreat has a series of teacher lectures or movers and moving meditation for the participants. Again, consider during your retirement professor's college. For example, if you listen to a conversation, you can say to your God, I will make this conversation very much.

Write a note of your thoughts

Third, write a report about your reflection in a good notebook. I realized that many during the retreat, people did not write. They listen to the speaker and do the exercises they make, such as singing practice and posture, but they don't write.

If you don't write in your mind, that means you have no record of it, and there is no easy way to remember that thought later. Meanwhile, if you write it down, you can read it later and see how your life has improved since the retreat.

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