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Choosing a Good Early Childhood Education Program For Your Toddler

A good early childhood education program creates and offers daily partnerships between your family and their teacher's caregivers.

Finding a place that is loving and caring for your exploration child may take time, so be sure to start early and give yourself the opportunity to visit several programs. If you're looking for childcare service, you can visit

First, look for an early childhood education program that is licensed with the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education in your state.

Licensed programs must meet certain criteria for health, safety, and education of young children. Requirements vary from country to country.

Forest School

Contact the Department of Health or the Department of Education and they can provide you with a list of licensed programs in your area.

Second, make phone calls, ask questions, and schedule tours. To learn what is available, you might want to visit a center-based program, a home-based program and even interview caregivers to work in your home.

Talk to other parents who have registered their children in the program you are interested in. Choosing an early childhood education program for your child is a very important and personal choice.

Third, visit several programs. Be prepared with a written list of questions. What you want to see when you visit an early childhood education program is the size of a small group.

The National Association for the Education of Small Children recommends a maximum group size of 12 toddlers, with 1 teacher caregiver for no more than 6 toddlers (preferably fewer namely the State of Connecticut requires 1 teacher caregiver for every 4 toddlers and the maximum group size is 8 toddlers).

 This allows the high level of supervision needed by toddlers. Requirements for your country's institutions may have different ratios.

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