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Important Parts of Hydraulic Cylinders and Their Roles

Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical devices used in various types of production units to transfer power. They provide a linear force in one axis both in one direction or both directions. Inside the cylinder, oil pressure works against the surface area of the piston to produce movement.

These cylinders play a major role in most applications. Most auto parts and heavy machinery can be easily operated using hydraulic principles. In addition, there are much other equipment and machinery such as elevators, excavators, injection molding machines, bulldozers, and many other cars.

They make the function of each production unit very easy and smooth. They are the simplest form of machine used to transfer effective power to various types of engines and cars. They are available in various types including heavy-duty industrial cylinders, cylindrical binding rods, hydraulic cylinders with front flanges and many others. You can visit to know more about hydraulic cylinders.

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An important part of a hydraulic cylinder

But it is important for each production unit to understand the functions, operating systems, structures, and cylinder parts to get the full advantage of the cylinder. Simple cylinder types are generally made of 5 different parts including tubes, pistons, rods, glands and end caps.

Tube: In a typical hydraulic cylinder, the tube is one of the main parts of the cylinder. All processes occur in the tube because they act as cover agents for cylinders. This helps the liquid to remain inside the cylinder and deactivates it to flow outside.

Piston: a piston is the inside of a cylinder that pushes fluid. This is the most important part of the cylinder. Without a piston, the hydraulic cylinder will be considered only as a cylinder. The piston diameter is known as Bore. Cylinders with larger Bore can make more lift easily. Therefore for higher lift capacities, large-size drill pistons are used.

Stem: the stem is the part that connects the gland and cylinder piston. Rod diameter and hardness are very important for cylinders. For heavy-duty cylinders, rods are stronger which tend not to bend.

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