How to Choose the Perfect Frame?

You have found art prints that you like. The subject benefits you. And the style and color match your decor. You even know just a place to hang it. Now all you need is a special frame that will highlight the beauty of the dog paw image and make it look like an elegant work of art.

But choosing a paw print kit and frame is not as easy as it sounds. The possibilities seem limitless. So how do you decide?

According to a professional framer, there is no right answer. You might be able to find several frames that look good. Each of them will affect the visual impression of your artwork. Consider various essentials when making your final choice.

Choose a color, appeal, and frame style based on the color, atmosphere, and print style. If the picture is a copy of an old masterpiece, perhaps Matisse or Renoir, for example, then an ornate golden frame might be appropriate.

Pay attention to the prominent colors in the picture. If you have a lot of blue, maybe a silver or lead frame will be a good complement. You might even want to choose a suitable blue mat. Remember that mattresses and frames must work together to showcase artwork. They must direct the viewer's attention to him and not distract him.

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