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What Routine You Should Follow Post Hair Transplant Surgery?

It's been years since you're suffering from hair loss, and you are a happy person after experiencing a hair transplant operation. You're not shy going out. But, this kind of surgery isn't so easy as it seems. 

You want to care for your scalp to prevent complications and decrease swelling. As you have undergone this surgery you are well aware of the ‘hair transplant fees’ (which is known as hrtransplantasjonsavgift in the Norwegian language) that you have paid. If you want to get results for your payment then you need to be careful post-surgery.

Look after your scar

However skilled your physician is, look of scars in your scalp is inescapable post hair transplant operation. When it is going to take some time for your own hair follicles to develop, you ought to begin taking drugs to reduce the swelling. 

Use a few cushions to keep your mind elevated when sleeping. This may prevent additional swelling and instead reduce swelling and decrease the odds of creating any other health issue. Among the most effective approaches to break your mind is to a reclining seat and when possible sleeping on this seat.

hair transplant surgery

Utilize cold compressions

To reduce swelling, you may use cold compressions. But don't apply an excessive amount of use cold compressions because it may hamper the development of new hair follicles.

Prevent excessive workouts

If you're a fitness enthusiast and enjoy doing long workouts, then please avoid these actions at least for a couple of weeks. 

Doing strenuous actions will lead to perspiration which increases odds of developing a disease. It's also wise to avoid going out in sunlight for a prolonged period in addition to taking saunas.

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