Drugged Driving Laws – Basics

In many states, the law regarding drugged driving, or more formally known as driving under the influence of drugs, is exceptionally similar to other DUI and DWI charges. For the most part, these charges are the same due to the language of the law regarding driving under the influence.

In most states, the substance detailed in the language of the law itself is not specified directly as alcohol. Often referred to as a controlled substance or an intoxicant, these materials are punished similarly to alcohol. You can hire the best DUI lawyer in Santa Barbara by clicking at:

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Perhaps one of the largest legal differences between a drugged and drunk driving charge is the amount of substance in a person's system at the time of the arrest. On the other hand, different states often treat drugs with less tolerance.

Although some may prefer to use a vague term of impairment as grounds for a drug-related DUI, others prefer a strict zero-tolerance policy. Considering the wide variety of possible drugs that may be involved in a drugged driving case, there are some variations even within zero toleration laws.

For many of these states, the drugs involved in zero tolerance charges are specifically listed according to subsequent legal definitions.

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