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Supplementing For Joint Health

No horse is perfect – brittle nails, overexertion, problems with digestion or weight loss. But with supplements, almost all horses can be brought to optimal health and performance.

One of the most common supplements used by many horse people is the joint supplement. They are used for various reasons – from simple stiffness to degenerative diseases. You can buy horse joint supplements from online stores.

And there are various supplements to choose from. Joint supplements can help support healthy structures between bones, such as cartilage, and keep joints lubricated with synovial fluid between joint spaces.

First of all, evaluate the condition of your horse's joints. Is your horse coming out of his rigid cage? Did he manage to do it by warming up?

You might want to work with a veterinarian in this case with an x-ray or ultrasound to determine the problem.

An additional factor will be the age of your horse, the type and amount of riding you do and whether there have been any joint or tendon/ligament problems. Even young horses can benefit from a joint supplement because it can prevent future problems.

Not all joint supplements are created equal. Joint supplements are technically known as "nutraceuticals."

According to the American Heritage Medical Dictionary, nutraceuticals are foods or natural food supplements (nutrients) that are considered to have beneficial effects on human health.

Nutraceuticals are not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration so the amount and type of ingredients can vary. Results can also vary from one horse to another.

One nutraceutical can work wonders in one horse, but not so well in another.

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