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All About The Post Construction Cleaning Services

If you are the owner of a building and have just finished building or renovating a property, you need a quality concierge cleaning company that will handle all post-construction cleaning services.

They will prepare your building on the day of the inauguration and are thus responsible for commencing work on their cleaning.

When construction is complete, post-construction cleaning services begin their work. They should clean floors, ceilings, stairs, walls, clean rubbish, and even provide carpet cleaners. So to get the services of  post-construction cleaning in Los Angeles via

The post-construction cleaning service of the cleaning company includes the following list of responsibilities stated below.

  • Dust and wet wiping all hard floor surfaces
  • Dust board
  • Clean the backboard
  • Suck up all carpet areas
  • Clean all water heaters
  • Clean all utility cabinets, heating systems, storage areas, and garages.
  • Clean water valve box
  • Clean spider webs and the like from outside entries
  • Clean all door handles, doors, switches, and plug covers
  • Rub and wash the surfaces of all sliding windows and glass doors
  • Clean all sliding windows and door frames, frames and tracks
  • Clean the inside of all cabinets. Polishing cabinets, dressing tables, stained wood, and all stainless steel sinks
  • Clean plumbing fixtures, medicines, cabinets, mirrors, and bathroom accessories
  • Get rid of all short-term labels, packaging materials, maintenance guidelines and instructions. Place them regularly at home
  • Clean the walls
  • Clean all toilets, kitchens, appliances, tubs, and sinks