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Dental Care – How Early Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

Many people wait too long to start dental care for their children. Twenty percent of children have their first cavity before age five, and many have more than one cavity -50 to 70 percent of children will have at least one cavity in their elementary school years.

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We, as adults, know the importance of proper dental care, but it is important for us to apply this information to our children too. Proper dental care can be started before the baby gets his first tooth. Here are a few guidelines:

Baby Dental Care:

1. After babies drink bottles or eat food, even before they have teeth, you should wash your gums with a wet towel to keep the gums clean. Decay can begin before the teeth come in.

2. Never put the baby in bed with a bottle of milk or formula milk because breast milk remains on the gums and teeth.

3. After the baby gets his first tooth, you can practice proper dental care by brushing your teeth with a soft toothbrush and baby toothpaste.

4. As soon as babies get their first teeth, make an appointment to see the dentist. Most dentists recommend babies come around their first birthday. However, if you have a concern before that, you have to bring it up faster. This will also help them feel more comfortable getting dental care in the future.

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