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Stainless Steel Is Perfect Choice When Hygiene Is Essential

Stainless steel is the best choice worldwide as a strong material which is suitable for various purposes. It is different from plain steel, copper, and iron. Contact of metal with water and air causes rusting in metals, but the stainless steel remains perfect for a long duration because it is rust free.

Stainless steel is safe and hygiene

When metal is new it has a smooth surface and easy to clean. But with time rust spots occur on the surface of a metal, Metal become pitting which provides space for microbes and bacteria to breed. It can be dangerous for cooking equipment. In cutting instrument, rust can be very dangerous as it causes piercing of the skin. But in stainless steel, no such problem occurs.


Because the stainless steel is rust-free, (Which is also known as ‘สแตนเลสปลอดสนิม‘ in the Thai language) so it very well used in different ways that are not possible with plain steel. Copper or other metal pipes are suitable for lower volume needs and work in lower temperature. But for high volume, pressure and temperature stainless steel pipes are the best choices.

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Use of metal is more eco-friendly than the use of plastic because plastic is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable but on the other hand, metal like stainless steel is recyclable, Stainless steel can be melted down and use again.

Shiny Surface

Apart from the benefits like hygiene, durability, etc. Stainless steel has a shiny look. Combination of chrome/iron make stainless steel shiny and bright smooth surface and corrosion resistance feature ensure that that the steel look as good as new for a long time.