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What Is Cloud Hosting?

The Cloud is getting more popular than ever and now most of us, including my grandmother, have some information hosted somewhere in the cloud.

As a consumer, think Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr message – just for a couple of cloud-based services are the most commonly used names. You can check out if you're looking for cloud hosting service.

But for my business, what Cloud Computing really means? How can I benefit from it? And how to choose Cloud hosting company?

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Currently, most hosting technology used is called "shared hosting". Cloud hosting can be considered as a new generation of shared hosting where not share some clients, applications and web sites on a single physical machine, data centers host multiple clients, applications and web sites on the server physical part of a "farm" of the machines, interconnected through technology operation called virtualization.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Thanks to this approach, more clients can be loaded on the server is less, which means less hardware, electricity and maintenance costs.

So the price of hosting should be lower and will probably continue to fall. You also pay as you go. Yes, as you do with gas, water, electricity … so you can increase or decrease the capacity of your traffic to shift up and down.

Because data can be easily moved from one server to another and the machine can be added and removed from the grid, it also means that your sites, applications, and data are always online and does not suffer from the incident and maintenance shutdowns. 

With cloud hosting, you can expect up to 99.9% availability, must be 100% but let's be conservative!

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