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General Liability Insurance – When Do I Need It?

General Liability Insurance covers a lot of things as well as injuries and property damage. Basically it covers you when you and your employees hurt/destroy other people or their property. You can browse to know more about the general Liability Insurance.

General liability is individual, so if you are looking for an online quote your information will be transferred to some companies where qualified agents in your area will be reviewed. You should speak to an agent you bought it from, to see what is covered.

Here are some of the questions people are asking about when they are considering what kind of public liability insurance to obtain.

Sell Products on an Inside Room

The minimum amount of public liability insurance is what you will need for the policy. General liability will cover your standards slip and fall type of accident. Before you set up in a room on the inside, the city government will, without reservation, indicate that you carry minimum limits of liability. Product liability is designed to protect you if someone alleges that they were fed up with using your product. 

General Liability Insurance for Clients With Bad Credit

I know of an insurance company will check your credit on a commercial policy. They just do on private insurance. They may see a business for the purpose of financial rating (the gross sales, duties, salary, etc.) and they can choose whether they will cover you based on the extent of time you have been in business. 

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