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CNC Machinery: A Must Read Buyer’s Guide

Most of the metal fabrication industry is now done by computer numerical control – CNC machines. CNC machine programming is fast and precise machine for the manufacture of components for tolerance thousandths of an inch, at a cost much lower than the older manual method. 

Numerical control machines early date to the early 1800s; French gun manufacturer turns the gun on a lathe stock is positioned by a cylinder cam.

A cylindrical cam is a round bar with buttons or moving a notch at the interval as a cylinder pin or key activated. Old music boxes and player pianos used cylindrical cam.

A machine operator does not have to monitor the process, but far from boring, tiring previous measurement is no longer necessary. Learn more about the available services of CNC Machinery at

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Most CNC machines, however, require special programming language called G-code. A G-code program tells the engine how far and how fast to move the tool in up to 5 axes of motion.

Companies or individuals who are considering buying a CNC machine needs to do some research before making a decision, such as for capital expenditure. Things to consider:

  • The size of each part of the run and the level of precision required. CNC machine most cost-effective for most large runs that require high precision.
  • The skills of workers and the additional training they may need to learn how to program and operate CNC machines.

Workflow organization – which will reprogram the engine and will operate and monitor them.

Once the decision has been made and the purchase of new machinery in place, there are some pitfalls to be avoided. 

CNC machines are more accurate than the manual, but they are not foolproof. quality control procedures still need to be followed strictly.