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PVC Swing Check Valve

The PVC swing valve of the present invention is directed applications in the pipeline. In particular, a swimming pool, spa, and tanks have structures that often require PVC pipe swing check valves to prevent backflow from the filtration system located at a higher elevation than the motors and pumps are used to force fluid through the system.

Similar PVC swing check valves can also be used in piping systems where two or more manifold pump can operate independently of each other and / or at different time intervals.

Pvc swing check valves can also be used directly in conjunction with the pump where the PVC swing check valve maintains fluid in the housing for priming purposes. If you are interested in further information about the  PVC swing check valve then you may visit

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A member of the nut extends throughout the insert member and engaging the first and second sections of pipe where the front and the rear surface of the insert member held in contact with the first and second sealing surfaces of the first and second pipe sections.

Interior surface defining includes the first, second and third interior circumference of the nut where the transition between the first and second ring defines a ledge to engage leads on the first pipe and the third ring including a partially threaded to engage a threaded portion of the second pipe section.

So, like a nut threaded into the second pipe section, balustrades set between the first and second ring will draw the flange on the first pipe axial direction of the second pipe section.

The insert members including members of the main spokes extend diametrically across the aperture of the diaphragm member and a plurality of additional spoke members provided extending diametrically in the aperture and the main intersecting speaking members.