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Spent your Vacation in Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical island is mostly known as Paradise Island because it has beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue lagoon. This beautiful island was first explored in the 16th century by the Portuguese. 

The warm and sunny climate of the island is also an important factor that makes your holiday dreams come true and remain forever.

Mauritius Tourism not only for high-class travelers, whether it be for a small budget traveler or for the whole family, but Mauritius is also ready to welcome you to provide the best vacation ever. 

Such as Mauritius in the list of top ten holiday destinations in the world for a wedding and honeymoon, Mauritius hotel specifically for wedding, honeymoon and for birthday. 

Fishing is something that you have to go to Mauritius. You can find various kinds of fish, bigger and better. It holds several world records in deep-sea fishing, shark weighing 1115 pounds is an example of notes. 

In addition to fishing, there are various things to do in Mauritius and you can get all these details by visiting

If you are interested in watersports you have a variety of them. Snorkeling and diving to explore underwater beauty. Windsurfing and water skiing is a good challenge for a wonderful experience. Kite surfing, kiteboarding, kayaking, surfing, and boating are also funny.

And also there are some natural wonders such as the park of the Black River Gorges, Balaclava and Blue Bay. 

Beautiful mountains are also part of beautiful Mauritius. This beach holiday spent in the warm sand will always remain in your heart forever. So be prepared for your wonderful experience and remember to take your camera along with you.