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Uses Of Extruded Products In Everyday Life

Extrusion products are essentially long rods, pipes or fence-like structures in a variety of shapes produced by placing the metal through the extrusion process. These are then used for a variety of manufacturing applications in various industries. 

Although this appears almost alien to ordinary people, their application in everyday life quite a lot. Below we present some of the places where we find these profiles made of various materials in our daily lives. If you are interested in further information about the Plastic extruded products then you may visit

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Bolt the door

Brass extruded profiles found a number of the same functionality, small but useful in the building industry and other manufacturing requirements because of their favorable characteristics such as resistance to corrosion, mechanical application of efficient and powerful.

Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet hinge which again consists of extrusion profiles. Brass and steel extruded profiles most commonly used for such purposes. The main advantages that make it suitable as a hinge profile cabinet is its versatility, flexibility, and economy. 

Car Mud Flaps

Plastic mud flaps that keep your car from minor dents and dirt are a perfect example of extruded plastic profiles used in the automotive industry. The main features of extruded plastic profiles are the ability to take and stand everyday wear, heat resistance, strength, and lightweight.

Outdoor Signage & Display Equipment

Outdoor signages and display equipment are the future of the outdoor advertising industry. This equipment also requires the extrusion of various metal sheets for lining neatly on the edge. They are glossy and therefore make good to look at the borders to display signage.

Refrigerator linings

Refrigerator using a rubber layer extruded profiles. They are cheap, strong, flexible and feather-light.